Commercials! Cooking shows! Fun!

I learned how to cook… by being on a cooking show! I recently hosted my second episode of Romance of the Three Kitchens, a cooking show that combines Chinese food and storytelling.

Since the latest episode won’t be out until June, here’s my first episode, featuring stir-fried clams with basil. It’s in Chinese, but there are English subtitles :0)

In addition to cooking up a storm, I’m very thankful to have worked on several union, non-union and spec commercials this month! Here are links to a few of them:

Banner Bank

Alloy UI

Thanks for reading and happy spring!

Good news comes in twos!

I just found out that I’ve been put on avail for two SAG commercials! One is a national commercial for a restaurant chain, and the other is for a very well known electronics company. I find out tomorrow if I booked them; fingers crossed!

A big thank you as always to my agent Lisa, who is the hardest working agent in this town, to casting director Danielle Eskinazi, McBride Casting and commercial director Jordan Brady for giving me the opportunity to audition for these great projects.

I am so thankful to all the people who have opened doors for me in my acting career.

“People can open doors. You have to walk through them on your own merit. You earned it.”
-Jordan Brady

I booked one of the projects! Now to hear back regarding the other one 😀

Got in touch with my inner Madonna

…for an audition for Seoul Searching, a feature film set in the 80’s about a group of six Korean high schoolers at summer camp in Korea. Think “The Breakfast Club,” except with Asians 😉

The producers are holding auditions via youtube and having the general public vote on their favorites on Facebook. You can vote here by “liking” the post with my video (it’s the 7th video down!)

Booked two commercials this week!

I can’t say what the first commercial is for just yet… but thank you to Stuart and Miller at Stuart Stone Casting and my incredibly hard working agent Lisa Berman for believing in me and helping me make this happen! I had a blast working on set in the beautiful Pacific Palisades with my director, Doug Pray, and the rest of the crew.

Also thank you to Dan and Hunter at broad-cast for bringing me in consistently and booking me on the commercial for Banner Bank!

This commercial was utter silliness and I had such a blast working with my director, Larry Frey, our awesome representative from Banner Bank, Dianne, and the rest of the cast and crew!

See it here!


I recently finished taking the famed comedy intensive at Lesly Kahn & Company where I learned all about the technical aspects of television comedy and how to analyze a script and see the 3’s, reversals, antitheticals, etc. Learning the writing and melody of comedy has proved so helpful in improving my comedy acting chops. I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in an acting career in comedy television and film!

On a completely unrelated note, here’s an article I love about how 3 professional actors prepare for their roles: 3 actors who inspire me and why.

Happy 4th of July from the Miss Taiwanese American Court

I had so much fun at Rosemead’s Annual 4th of July Parade! I love all the brave little girls and boys ran up to our convertible to take pictures with us, during the parade!

Photo credit: Simon Lin

I have truly enjoyed serving the community through the Miss Taiwanese American Pageant. From organizing bone marrow drives, to hosting Taiwanese American Heritage week, to performing at charity events such as the NATMA annual banquet, to socializing at community banquets, to attending political fundraisers and meeting movers and shakers in the community, I have had a memorable and meaningful experience on court. Some of the highlights include meeting and conversing with US Congressman Ed Royce, and his wife, Marie Royce, hosting the Taiwanese American Heritage Week festivities outdoors and meeting professional Beijing acrobats and Taiwanese dancers, working with APEX & A3M to host bone marrow drives, and riding atop a Rolls Royce & Lexus for the July 4th parade!

I have been able to expand my network to include prominent figures in business, politics, law and entertainment. Through the pageant, I have also been able to enrich understanding of my culture and serve as a goodwill ambassador to the community. Thank you Taiwan Center for giving me the honor of being Miss Taiwanese American 2012 1st Princess! See you all at the 2012 pageant at the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel on August 4th, where yours truly will be hosting the festivities!

Taiwanese American Heritage Week, with Carol Chen (2011 Miss Taiwanese American Pageant Mommy) Nikki DePaola, Maggie Jan, Sarah Ho, Pricella Jah, Catherine Yu (2012 Miss Taiwanese American Pageant CEO), Joseph Lin (2012 Taiwan Center Staff)

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