Operation Smile

In all of my volunteer experience, I have found that helping others is infinitely more rewarding for the giver than the receiver. We humans are hard wired to help others; we are meant to live collaborative, compassionate lives. It’s what our hearts long to do and we are happiest when we help others. This past Friday, I had the privilege of attending the annual gala for Operation Smile and listening to some of the most selfless and happy people on earth speak. It was touching to hear their stories and stories of now grown adults who were helped by those very people. I was especially inspired by the story of the beggar in China who adopted a cleft lipped little girl he found in a box by a dumpster. He took her around to various hospitals to no avail until he stumbled upon a operation smile flyer. Following the address on the flyer, he brought the little girl there who received a free surgery that forever changed her life. He shared what little resources he had with her and changed her life for good. These people inspire me to be better in every little thing I do, to live for something greater than myself, to help, and to get in touch with my true humanity. I am so grateful for this reminder, this life, and everything I have.

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