BET Music Matters Showcase at CAA

Isn’t it lovely how music can transform the weather of a place?

Incandescent lights, sparkling wine and smooth melodies enchanted the audience at BET’s Music Matters Showcase at CAA, a concert and TV series on BET that promotes up&coming artists.

Amongst my favorites were Jennah Bell, with a voice so jazzy, so sweet that you can’t help but smile and sway to her heartfelt tunes, and Austin Brown, with his bumping dance skills, strong tenor vocals and infectious energy! Everyone was incredibly talented, inspirational and entertaining, from Charles Perry, Jessy Wilson to Leah LaBelle. My favorite part of the night was Charles’ call and response interaction, where he sang runs for the audience to sing back, which we did, no matter how challenging! 😉

Notice Austin’s uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson 😉

Jennah Bell and Sarah Ho

There was an abundance of positivity, support and optimism in the air from the artists, attendees and producers! Even veteran artists Stevie Wonder and Chris Tucker came out to show their support. A huge thank you to Kelly Griffin for inviting me to the event and for introducing to fellow movers and shakers.

Truly selfless agents and music producers are those who derive joy from growing the careers of their clients and helping them realize their dreams. Having launched the careers of Kayne West, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne, Kelly G is one of those few, and I am privileged to know him.

Life is too short

To spend it doing something you are not passionate about. The pursuit of art fulfills my heart and though I may be chasing a rainbow, I’m having a glorious time doing so.

Here’s a rough cut of my theatrical reel – comments welcome on my youtube page.

Lovefinder Screening

LoveFinder, the short comedic film I was in this past summer, is finally out! There will be a private screening on December 17th at 10 pm, in the Los Feliz area. Please email me if you are interested in coming!

Produced by Random Room Entertainment, the scripted ensemble comedy LOVEFINDER follows Matt and his group of friends as they navigate the online dating scene in Los Angeles. When they make a bet about who can find love first the Lovefinder App leads them on dates exceeding their wildest expectations. Run time is 22 minutes.

Executive Produced, Written and Created by Matthew Nicklaw
Directed by Ian Forester and Alyson Roux
Director of Photography, and Edited by Joe Pettinati
Associate Producer, Joe Watts
Starring: Matthew Nicklaw, Ted Welch, Tim Rock, Meaghan Oppenheimer, Jay Hayden, Stephen Schneider, and many many more…


Recently, I’ve gotten back into playing piano. I love improv-ing on the piano for hours, expressing my feelings through black and white keys who speak melodies more eloquent than I could ever with words. Here’s a little clip of something I improv-ed last night on my lovely piano of more than 10 years. Comments and critiques welcome.

See me in my first starring role as a villain! Go Generic Girl premieres 8/31/11

See me in my first starring role in the new comic book superhero and super villain webisode, “Go Generic Girl!” It premieres on August 31st HERE!

See the “sneak peak” video at




My co-stars are AMAZING, the Director of Photography is EXTREMELY talented (the footage looks so good it hurts!), and the director and producer are superbly creative!

Miss Taiwanese American Pageant photos!

Thank you to everyone who supported me in the Miss Taiwanese American pageant. Thanks to all of your support, I won the title of 1st princess – 1st runner up to the queen. Two girls were honored with additional titles – Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality, and I was lucky enough to win Miss Photogenic. 🙂 Thank you pageant girls for an fantastic time, and I look forward to serving the Taiwanese community with you all this year. ?






Miss Taiwanese American 2011

Running for Miss Taiwanese American 2011 is Sarah Ho, a UCLA alum and full time actress. As Miss Taiwanese American, she will serve as a role model to younger girls through community service and educational activities. Sarah is dedicated to representing the Taiwanese community in TV and film and furthering awareness of Taiwanese issues in the media. She hopes to give voice to the voiceless and act as an ambassador for the Taiwanese people.

Although she was born in America, Sarah deeply loves her home country. She first visited Taiwan when she was ten years old, and immediately fell in love with the people, the culture and the food there. In the summers of 2006 and 2007 she visited Taiwan again to volunteer and teach English at orphanages and low-income schools around the island. While volunteering at Liu Kuei Orphanage (located near Kaohsiung), she experienced Taiwan hospitality, love and selflessness unparalleled. She went to Taiwan intending to serve and give love, but instead received much more than she gave. The people there were so warm and welcoming that she found herself wanting to quit college just to move there!

It was also in 2006 that Sarah got to know her extended family. As the only immigrant family in America, Sarah had no concept of aunts, uncles and cousins prior to visiting Taiwan. To discover that she had a huge network of relatives in Taiwan all waiting to love on her was an amazing revelation! Her relatives took her around the island, from Taipei to Hua Lien to Kaohsiung.
In 2008, she flew back to Taiwan and spent six months interning at Radio Taiwan International (through Taiwan Tech Trek) and studying at National Taiwan University. At Radio Taiwan International, she produced numerous award-winning programs in both English and Chinese. She won 2nd place in RTI’s radio program competition for a English radio program promoting Taiwanese eats and cultures. The program includes an original rap, song and talk show portion and is available upon request.

While studying at NTU, she joined the NTU Choir and became good friends with many natives. Through singing Chinese and Taiwanese songs, eating out and studying with natives, Sarah learned a great deal about Taiwanese culture and language. While studying at NTU, Sarah also tutored English to adults and children and had great cultural exchanges with them. At the end of her stay, she organized NTU’s first international concert to showcase the diversity of culture in NTU’s student body. While studying abroad at NTU, she went with her classmates to Green Island, Taroko Gorge, TaiZhong, and many other amazing places. She also made a trip around the island with her mother during Christmas break, and was able to see where her parents grew up.

By competing in the pageant, she hopes to become more connected to the Taiwanese community in Los Angeles and learn more about Taiwanese culture. Specifically, she hopes to learn to speak Taiwanese better, learn to understand Taiwan’s history and bring to light the unspoken troubles and injustices that have been forced upon the Taiwanese people. Regardless of whether or not she wins the pageant, she plans to give back to the Taiwanese community through community service, education, and mentorship.

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