Weebly: the most easy to use, powerful CMS platform of 2016

Weebly is the most easy to use, powerful, and intuitive CMS platform I’ve ever used and it’s already taking 2016 by storm! With a new App center, beautiful original themes, and numerous free new features, Weebly is the CMS platform for non programmers everywhere.

It’s a time of new years resolutions … and new websites! Making a website about something you’re passionate about, providing value to online readers, and making money from it is the best feeling ever. I’m proud to say that I launched my violin website in 2015 and have helped countless parents, teachers and students make violin learning fun with the CMS platform Weebly. Having no coding experience wasn’t a problem because Weebly is intuitive, easy to use, and very powerful.

With easy to use drag and drop options for text, photos, buttons, google adsense and more, beautiful themes, tech support, and stellar analytics, I was able to monetize very quickly. I also know several friends who have built incredibly successful websites with Weebly and make an unthinkable amount of passive income from their websites.

Weebly has just added a cool new “App Center” which is basically an app store for features you can add to your website. With one click, you can do everything from improve your SEO, integrate an online scheduling system, convert your website traffic into leads, create social feeds, offer live chat on your site, create discounted shipping labels, and more! Anything you can imagine, you can make happen on your website. The apps range from free to $120.

I challenge you to dedicate 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, to making the site you’ve always dreamed of, about whatever you are most passionate about – whether it’s traveling, the environment, fashion, food, programming or music. It’s a new year and anything is possible! Live the life you’ve imagined. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Check out the new Weebly App Center! Weebly App Center

Full disclosure: the posted link is an affiliate link and I will make a tiny portion of the profit if you decide to use their service (like a few cents per person who signs up). Having used WordPress, Drupal and Weebly, I truly love Weebly the most because of the ease of setting up the website and all the resources provided, and would recommend them even if there wasn’t an affiliate program!

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