Live Performance at UCB Sunset!

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of performing in Yellow Fever Improv’s monthly super off Broadway show and showcase some of my original songs 🙂

Here’s an original love song I wrote in college:

This next song is very special to me because it represents my life’s motto: to pursue your dreams without fear. I wrote this song while sitting at my boring (but stable) desk job one day, feeling like my life had no meaning as every day was exactly the same as the one before that. After months of this drudgery, I realized that I could create meaning from within. The circumstances can be exactly the same, but a shift in perspective can catapult your life out of stagnation, out of fear, out of dreariness and then everything changes, slowly but surely. Slowly, my belief in myself pushed me to pursue acting and writing opportunities outside of work and I began to see progress.

Sometimes a friend can motivate the change in your life, but for me it came from within. I hope this song empowers you to break routine, take courage and go after the direction of your dreams – because we only get one beautiful life to live 🙂

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