Will Ferrell crashed our wedding… and we ended up in GQ UK!


Look mom, I’m in the April 2015 issue of GQ UK with Will Ferrell! 😀

So here’s what happened:


It was a lovely Thursday afternoon, and I had eyes only for my groom, Leonard.*


The soft rays of the sun reflecting off his crisp white shirt, the sounds of birds chirping in the air, and the gentle wafts of sweet floral scents made the day seem all too peaceful.


BECAUSE IT WAS!! Photobomber alert at 9 o clock.


Armed with confetti!


Does anyone know who he is?! I heard he goes by the name Ron Burgundy.

*Leonard Kim is not my real husband. He is single and ready to mingle, ladies! 😉

See Will Ferrell photobomb other fun events in the April 2015 Issue of British GQ.

Images from video:

Photography and videos created for the April 2015 Issue of British GQ, featuring Will Ferrell by Lacey of Flower Ave Productions, Gavin Bond and British GQ.



Someone made a funny!


The other dress we were thinking about using (aka my senior prom dress) =P


Bridesmaid, groom, and I looking fly with the coolest comedian in town.


Will Ferrell!! He’s actually very soft spoken and kind in person. Our portion of the shoot was at a retirement home and at least 17 different old ladies came up to him requesting photos. He never said no and made each of them feel special 🙂 Although he’d already had a full day of shooting and was visibly tired, after the shoot he spent 30 minutes taking pics with all the crew and cast members, even taking multiple silly pics with people. Super nice guy!

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