Marketing Portfolio

What I love most about marketing is the creativity and collaboration involved in making a campaign successful. For the past seven years, I have been telling stories and marketing for brands such as Panda Restaurant Group, Barney’s Beanery, and Social Gaming Network. By spearheading integrated marketing campaigns, I have helped drive revenue, increase engagement, and define the brands of these companies. I have created unique videos and engaging social media posts that have inspired and delighted users all over the world.

Here are some of the pages I’ve built:
Barney’s Beanery – Westwood
Barney’s Beanery – Pasadena
Barney’s Beanery – Burbank
Barney’s Beanery – Santa Monica
Wasabi At Citywalk

Here are some of the pages I’ve worked on:
The Original Barney’s Beanery
Panda Inn
Jam City (formerly SGN Games)
Fluff Friends Rescue

Barney’s Beanery

Why yes, I did make that poster myself, thank you very much

Why yes, I did make that poster myself, thank you very much

At Barney’s Beanery, I created an email marketing program that reached over a thousand users. Try not to drool over the ambrosial entrée descriptions 🙂

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #13 – A Chili Dog’s Purpose

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #14 – Go on, take a bite of paradise. YOLO

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #16 – What is Google+ anyway?

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #20 – Haiwaii is just one bite away

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #21 – Halloween (yes I did make that awesome flaming Halloween graphic by myself in Photoshop, thank you very much again)

In case you didn't see it the first time around

Notice the beautiful flames

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #22- Barney’s in Burbank Broadens Behemoth Beer Menu

Barney’s Beanery Newsletter #26 – Tasty Tostada

Additionally, I filmed, edited, and produced fun videos highlighting the events, culture, and diversity at the restaurant.

Karaoke Nights at Barney’s Beanery:

Starving Art at Barney’s Beanery

Panda Restaurant Group

Panda Restaurant Group hired me on as a marketing consultant to help re-brand and promote their new sit-down restaurant, Wasabi At Citywalk, and their original sit-down restaurant, Panda Inn. After meeting with general managers from multiple locations and figuring out the respective voices of each establishment, I set to work.

For Wasabi at Citywalk, I concepted and produced a series of commercials for web and social media.

To kickstart the grand re-opening of Wasabi At Citywalk, I spearheaded a marketing campaign to generate repeat business. We handed out scratchers to guests that could be redeemed on their next visit for prizes ranging from free airline tickets to iPads to sushi for a year.



At the same time, we coordinated with the Universal Citywalk marketing team for cross-promotion on their Instagram account, Facebook page, and e-newsletter. Additionally, I designed out-of-home advertising for display in parking garages and on Universal Citywalk.

Wasabi Parking Poster 122013-5

The campaign was did so well that we replicated for it for all Panda Inn locations as well, as a tie-in to Chinese New Year.

For Valentine’s Day, I spearheaded a promotion to increase our social media engagement for both Panda Inn and Wasabi At Citywalk:



This promotion resulted in a tenfold increase of followers and was so much fun to follow!

Social Gaming Network

Involving one’s audience is key to making one’s social media presence flourish. When I was at Social Gaming Network, I asked our game producers if we could let our fans name new characters in our game, “Fluff Friends Rescue.” They said yes!


Our fans loved having the opportunity to immortalize their own pets as one of our characters.

We posted on social media about 2-3 times a week, sharing game updates, tips and free powerups to our fans regularly. The giveaways were always unannounced and posted on random days of the week, to encourage fans to visit the page regularly. We also mixed it up with some amusing content.


Everyone likes to smile. 🙂

The page grew from 0 to over 100k fans in a span of weeks. It’s important to note that mobile and social gamers are more engaged in social media than the average person, so this page grew more rapidly than other pages I’ve managed. Also, it helped that our engineering team built a “like” button into the game. The rapid growth of this page was attributed to the hard work of multiple teams within the company.

Califonia Furniture Exports

At my current job, California Furniture Exports, I also started an email marketing program geared towards retail executives, designers, and buyers.
Read past issues here:

CFX Newsletter #6 – Ellen Degeneres designs for Loloi Rugs!

CFX Newsletter #7 – A Bohemian Home for You And Me

Thoughts on the future of marketing
Integrated marketing is key to driving engagement, sales, and brand awareness. The marketing industry is constantly evolving, which is what makes it such a fun industry to work in. The key to being successful is staying flexible, learning new technologies, and adapting new marketing practices.