Poetry Corner


Just as the rain never blames the sun
For wanting to shine and have fun
You’ve let me beam in more ways than one
And I’m grateful for the world we have spun.

I’ve made mistakes but you are not one
And though our story may be done
I have no regrets, in large part
Because you’ve forever enriched my heart.



I’ve tried to erase you with all my might
But my heart puts up a valiant fight
Grasping at remnants of what we once were
Longing to be held and heard


Running from that high

You’re like a drug – I can’t stay away
Even though I’ve been in remission for days
I’ve found other things to fill me inside
But only you can give me that high



I’m trying to find joy without thinking of you
In the sunrise and the glow of the moon
Day by day I leave a memory behind
And try instead to make each day mine.

I’m trying to be present and take in the sights
To move forward and live my life
To be content alone and with friends
And know that this is not the end.


Freeze frame

Rewind and freeze on that moment in time
When your hands were wrapped around mine
As you led me through the crashing waves
Helping me stand and be brave

Take me back to your embrace
Nothing could hurt me in that place
Your words tucked away in my heart
Kept me from falling apart

Flashback on when we lay under the stars
Making travel plans for near and far
Taking in the beauty of nature’s art
Content to be in each other’s arms.

I know I need to move on from the past
I have to move forward – the pain will pass
But I can’t stop looking back
Because of the magic that we had.


Streaks of life against the bitter night sky

Against the waning sky I see
A streak of light flash brilliantly.
Like a soldier preparing to fight,
Racing upwards to face the night.

Though hardships pepper my walk of life,
Still I smile and aim high.
The remnants of day may fade away,
But through it all I will stay brave.

For there is no better sight
In darkness than to find the light.
So I will be the light you see,
Shining until the sun flies free.

north carolina

Nature’s show

Where the grass is green and the water flows
Where the people stop you to say hello
Where the leaves change as summer goes
That’s where I see life aglow.

Race the moon

Racing the moon in a sea of lights
Strangers staring, side by side
Gripping the steering wheel so tight
Running from the remains of the night.

A lover’s nook

Sunlight filtering through the blinds
Gently effervescent
Our feet tangled in the sheets
Holding toes
Your hands lightly grasping mine
So sweetly
My back nestled up against your chest
Comfortably content
Your arms embracing me from behind

And I realize the secret’s out

To the artist who colors my life

I’m no poet, but for you I’ll try
For you’ve given me wings to help me fly.
Like birds against the waning sky,
I can succeed with you by my side.

Don’t underestimate your self-worth,
There’s no one like you on this earth.
The right path for you may not be clear
But darling, you have nothing to fear.

Blessed with kindness, smarts and courage,
Your life is just beginning to flourish.
So, you didn’t live life by the book —
No great man ever could.

Upon the canvases of many lives
You’ve painted colors too brilliant to hide.
In art, there is no wrong or right.
However, you must always try.

Daily I grow to love you more,
Always excited for what’s in store
I will always believe in you,
But you have to promise to too.

Sweet Treats

You make my heart skip a beat
You sweep me right off my feet
Your love is oh so very sweet
Seeing you is my daily treat


It seems like lately all I can do
Is daydream all day long about you.
Please release me from your spell
Only you can make me well.

Oh, the feels!

You warm me up from inside out
Your gentle touch makes me melt
When I see what you do for me
I begin again to believe.

The debris of strife

Like two jet planes headed straight for each other
We crashed and exploded into one another
At first it was brilliant, the colors were bright
But then we burned and began to fight
Now your heart’s shattered and mine’s nowhere in sight
And all that’s left is the debris of strife.

Counting sheep in fleeting sleep

My mind is tired and my body weak.
But for some reason I cannot sleep.
For when my heart wants to weep,
The peace of sleep quickly flees.


Brushed with colors of the sunrise
Her cheeks glowed pink, orange and gold, brushed with the colors of the sunrise.