My awkward 20-something life: Friendzoned

Your 20’s are an awkward time… especially when it comes to dating. “My awkward 20-something life” is a web series about the struggles of dating, transitioning to adulthood, and chasing your dreams during your twenties, written by and starring yours truly.

P.S. This episode is totally not based on my life.
P.P.S. Leave a comment on the video if you want to share an anecdote from your own awkward 20-something life, and I might just make a video about it next! 😀

Star Wars Disney Musical!

I had so much fun playing Snow White in the all new Star Wars Musical, created by George Shaw! It’s a fan film that collides the worlds of Disney and Star Wars into a musical, shot entirely on green screen with multi-planer hand painted backdrops in Disney animated tradition.

Since its release just yesterday, it has received publicity in Yahoo News, Entertainment Weekly, Angry Asian Man, Cinema Blend, Slash News and more… and is already at 20,000 views! I am so thankful I got to be part of such a fun and cool project. Congrats to the amazing film makers George Shaw and Jeffrey Gee Chin!

Let the filmmakers know in the YouTube comments if you want to see more of Snow White! 😉

L.O.V.E. – Nat King Cole (Cover) Christmas Music Video

The best part of the holidays is spending time with the ones you love. Sending you Christmas cheer with an original music video to one of my favorite songs, L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole 🙂 Just a fun, super spontaneous video for the holidays with an extra side of cheesiness!

Thank you Erin Wu for inspiring and co-producing with me, Gene Nagata for the sparkling cinematography, Jerwyn Tiu for your unbelievably suave dancing and Philip Haro for your sultry voice and skillful guitar and ukulele playing. Merry Christmas and happy hohoholidays!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I had an awesome time collaborating with bona fide dancers Erin Wu and Jerwyn Tiu, and UCLA spring sing soloist Philip Haro this weekend on this cute little love story. A big thank you to Gene Nagata for doing such a fantabulous job shooting it!

Also got to be a part of an awesome Christmas music video with Paul Kim, David So and Z. Wood!

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